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Amprobe VP-440 Voltage Detector

Amprobe VP-440 Voltage Detector
sku: 2744768

  • AC Voltage detection 100 V
  • 1000 V Indicator Lights
  • Safety rating CAT III 1000 V

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Amprobe VP-440 Voltage Detector Details

The Amprobe VP-440 is a simple, pen-shaped deteector that allows users to quickly identify that live voltages are present within a circuit. To use, simply hold the VP-440 towards the area you wish to test (there's no need to make contact) and the device will quickly evaluate whether there is voltage present in the circuit or not.

Capable of working with voltages between a range of 110-1000V AC, the VP-440 is insulated for extra protection and will glow at the tip whenever voltages are detected. It's an ideal product for testing a wide variety of different electrical applications including AC voltage cables, circuit breakers, wall sockets, fuses, junction boxes and many more.

This voltage tester comes with CAT III 1000V safety rating.

Amprobe VP-440 Non-Contact Voltage Tester Key Features

  • Simple way to detect voltage
  • Voltage range of 110-1000V AC
  • Non-contact measurements
  • Tip lights up whenever voltage is detected
  • Pocket-sized and extremely portable
Technical Specs

Technical Specifications

AC Voltage Detection 100V - 1000V
Indicator Lights
Safety Rating CAT III 1000V

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