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Amprobe VP-700-E Voltage Tester with Rotary Field Indicator

Amprobe VP-700-E Voltage Tester with Rotary Field Indicator
sku: 3476390

  • Voltage range 12...690 V AC/DC
  • Frequency range DC, 40…70 Hz
  • Voltage AC/DC automatic indication Internal load approx. 2,4 W at 690 V

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Amprobe VP-700-E Voltage Tester with Rotary Field Indicator Details

Amprobe's VP-700-E is a dual capability voltage testing device that can be used to gain evaluation of voltage levels present on a voltage source and also to accurately gain indication of phase rotation by the use of two-pole testing.

As well as these features the VP-700-E is capable of giving indication of polarity and features the ability to display multiple voltage ranges. When used as a voltage tester the VP-700-E will light up one of five LED lights on the probe -  these represent DC/AC voltage levels at 50, 120, 230, 400 or 600V. It also features LED light indicators for phase rotation and polarity.

The device is also a highly robust unit and includes IP64 protection against water splashes and dust, probe-tip protection and is certified for use under the regulations of EN-612344-3: 2010 and DIN VDE 0682-401: 2011.

Amprobe VP-700-E Voltage Tester with Rotary Field Indicator Key Features

  • Voltage testing device
  • Two-pole phase detection
  • Also can be used to indicate polarity
  • Switchable load of 140W with two push buttons
  • Tripping of 30mA RCD
  • Probe tip protection
  • Doesn't require batteries
Technical Specs

Amprobe VP-700-E Technical Specifications

Display LED row
Voltage Range 12-690 V AC/DC
AC/DC Voltage Automatic indication
Frequency Range DC, 40-70 Hz
Internal Load Approx. 2,4 W at 690 V
Test Current ≤ 3,5 mA
Phase Rotation Test 100- 400 V AC (against earth)
Power On Time > 12 V AC/DC with use of push buttons, > 24 V AC/DC without use of push buttons
Overvoltage Category CAT IV / 600 V, CAT III / 690 V
Pollution Degree 2
Protection Degree IP 64, splash-proofed and dust-tight protection
Power Supply From test object
Dimensions Approx. 280 x 78 x 35 mm
Weight Approx. 255 g

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