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Anton Sprint eVo 2 Multifunction Flue Gas Analyser: Kit 1

Anton Sprint eVo 2 Multifunction Flue Gas Analyser: Kit 1
sku: EVO2KIT1

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  • Handheld, portable and easy-to-use flue gas analyser
  • Special kit version includes printer, pipe clamp probes, spare filter/paper roll and pressure relief valve
  • Great value

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Anton Sprint eVo 2 Multifunction Flue Gas Analyser: Kit 1 Details

*** PLEASE NOTE: this product has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the condensation-proof and more cost-effective Anton Sprint Pro Series of Multifunction Flue Gas Analysers, available here. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. ***

An excellent kit for all gas engineers and boiler installers, the Anton Sprint eVo 2 Kit 1 comes with everything you'd get in the standard kit, plus a pack of useful accessories you wouldn't normally get as standard.

What's In the Kit?

Comes with all standard accessories:

  • Anton Sprint eVo 2 Flue Gas Analyser
  • Large Size, Laptop-Style Carrying Bag
  • FreeVo Flue Probe with Moisture Extraction System
  • Pressure Hoses
  • CD ROM Instruction Manual
  • Sprint PC Lite Software
  • 240V Charger Compatible with Analyser & Printer
  • Traceable Annual Certificate of Calibration

Also comes with:

  • Magnetic Infrared Rechargeable Printer
  • 2 x Pipe Clamp Temperature Probes (15-28mm Diameter)
  • Spare Filter and Paper Roll
  • Anton APRV Pressure Relief Valve

About the Anton Sprint eVo 2 Flue Gas Analyser

Make your life easier with the Anton Sprint eVo 2, a fast response, professional flue gas analyser made for use by gas engineers.

Packed full of features including fuel selection, a huge array of testing functions, a fully magnetic back and much, much more, this analyser is reliable, gives easy access to everything you need and will let you create fully professional reports using included the included software and printer.

The eVo 2 can perform a wide variety of testing procedures including CO, CO2, excess air, CO/CO2 ratio, temperatre, efficiency, let by/tightness, pressure and more, all with printout options. The analyser also comes with built-in internal memory, allowing every result to be stored, recalled, or sent to PC via USB connection for further analysis using Anton's software. Results can also be wirelessly transmitted to the included printer for quick printouts when out working.

There's even more to the eVo 2 - this analyser also has fully rechargeable lithium ion batteries, high contrast graphical LCD screen, simplified purge structure and a five year limited warranty when serviced annually by an approved Anton service centre.

Anton Sprint eVo 2 Key Features

  • The upgraded version of the Anton Sprint eVo 1 flue gas analyser
  • Small, compact design - comfortable to hold with durable, overmoulded casing
  • Simple to use - menu-driven software and high contrast graphical screen for ease of use
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) tests
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) tests
  • CO/CO2 ratio tests
  • Excess air tests
  • Temperature tests
  • Efficiency tests
  • Timed let by/tightness testing (IGE/Up/1B)
  • Draught/differential pressure measurements with timer
  • Operating/working pressure reports
  • Timed CO build-up tests (BS 7967) with appliance selection
  • Flow/return temperature measurements
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries with no memory loss when depleted
  • 200 record internal memory with easy recall
  • Instant print facility without storing to memory (requires optional printer - sold separately)
  • Personalise your printouts with traceability and engineer/customer signature column
  • Simplified purge structure - saves time and battery life
  • Communicate with a PC using a USB cable and create personalised PDF reports using the included software
  • Five year limited manufacturer's warranty

Please note that our 7 day money back guarantee for flue gas analysers only applies if the tester is found to be faulty.

Upgrade to Anton's Other eVo 2 Analyser Kits

Did you know Anton also have 5 different kit versions of the Anton eVo 2 available?

Packed full of accessories, these kits are great value and an excellent option for any gas professional.

This table outlines what's exactly in each of the bundle packs.

Item eVo 2 Kit 1 eVo 2 Kit 2 eVo 2 Kit 3 eVo 2 Kit 4 eVo 2 Kit 5
Carrying Bag
FreeVo Flue Probe
Pressure Hoses
Gooseneck Gas Leak Detection Probe -
CD-ROM Instruction Manual
Sprint Software
Traceable Certificate of Calibration
Spare Filter and Paper Roll
Mains Charger
Magnetic Infrared Rechargeable Printer
Pipe Clamp Temperature Probes
Anton CO Probe Kit - -
APRV Pressure Relief Valve
IAQ 8494 CO2 Meter - - -
Clip CO Personal Alarm - - - -
Accessories (3)

Anton ADST Dishwasher Safe Thermometer
RRP: £11.99
£11.09 Incl. VAT £13.31
Anton ANT/CO/BS7967 CO Probe Set w/ Filter and Hose
RRP: £89.00
£79.00 Incl. VAT £94.80
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Technical Specs

Part Code: EVO2KIT1

Anton Sprint eVo 2 Technical Specifications

Operating Temperature Range -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)
Battery  Lithium-Ion. Life up to 9 hours dependant on test used. 
15% left warning.
Recharge Time Minimum 6 hours from flat
Charger Input Voltage 230V; 50Hz AC
Standard Fuels Natural Gas, LPG, Heavy Oil, Light Oil, Coal, Wood,
Wood Pellet Dry, Coke, Biomass and Bagasse
Display Blue Backlit Graphic LCD
Menu Intuitive Structure, Tab selection on screen
Dimensions 92 x 176 x 59mm
Function Buttons/Key Pad 5 button keypad
Weight 528g
Operating Time 9 hours (6 hours continuous pump)
Pump Flow fail indication, SmartPurge
Enclosure Integrated robust protective case.
Protective rubber boot with integral magnets
Standards BS7927, EN50379, BS7967
Data Logging Reports Up to 200 reports, depending on type
  Probes (Standard Efficiency Flue)    
Insertion Length 250mm (9.9") with adjustable depth gauge
Maximum Temperature 800°C (1472°F)
Construction Ergonomic pistol grip with stainless steel shaft, in-built
with thermocouple, in-line water trap/filter
Hose Length 2000mm
Gas Escape Sensor Probe  
Gas Escape Sensor 0-10000ppm natural gas


  Range  Display Resolution   Accuracy   Detection Limit   Response Time (t90)   Recovery Time 
Oxygen 0-25% 0.1% ±0.2% 0.3% v/v 50 sec 30 sec
Carbon Monoxide 0-5000ppm

over range
1ppm ≤20ppm;

±3ppm 45 sec 60 sec
 Carbon Dioxide (Calculated)  0-25% 0.1% ±0.2% v/v 0.2% v/v 50 sec 30 sec
CO/CO2 Ratio 0 to 0.9999 0.0001 - - - -

Other Measurements

Measurement Range
(Selectable °C or °F)
-50° to 1100°C (-58 to 2012°F)
Efficiency 0-100% Net or Gross
0-120% Net High Efficiency
Excess Air 0-100%
Draught/Pressure Measurement  
Let By/Tightness Test Dedicated test and report/print structure for combined test to IGE/11/UP/1B
Pressure Scale  
Range -200mbar to +200mbar
Resolution 0.01mbar
Accuracy ±0.5% of reading calibration at +50mbar
(equivalent to ±0.5 mbar)
Equivalent Scales  Pa, hPa, kPa, PSI, inWG, mmWG, inHG, mmHG 
Communications IR Port, USB Port

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