June 2012

  1. Megger Holds Seminars Highlighting New Products

    Megger are constantly developing new ways to improve testing procedures, and they're showing off their latest method of improving transformer testing in a series of seminars around the United Arab Emirates. The events saw a significant amount of professionals come to hear about the latest innovations in the test equipment field.  Attendees heard from Middle East & Africa Regional Manager for Megger Limited Nick Parton as he talked them through the latest products in Megger's line of transformer testers, relay testing and SFRA. Continue reading →
  2. Fluke Announces Discontinuation of 87V Ex

    With a focus on developing new, more useful products, Fluke has announced they are discontinuing more items. Continue reading →
  3. Electrical Installation Safety Testing - A Guide

    According to the European standards, requirements for electrical installation safety testing should include a combination of following tests: • Insulation resistance • Continuity of protective conductors and equipotential bonding • RCD testing • Line and fault loop impedance • Earth resistance testing (two-wire method without probes, three / four wire method with two probes, method with current clamp and two probes, method with two current clamps) • Specific earth resistance • Phase sequence, voltage and frequency Continue reading →
  4. Fluke-62 Mini IR Thermometer Discontinued

    Fluke today announced that their Fluke-62 IR Thermometer is to cease production, and will officially be no longer available after the 1st of August 2012. The device was recently replaced by Fluke's 62 Max and Fluke 62 Max+ thermometers; new and improved models that build upon the useful functions of the 62. Continue reading →
  5. Why Are Proving Units So Expensive?

    If you’ve ever seen a proving unit for sale, you may have been rather flabbergasted by the price. You’ve probably stared at it for a little while before saying – probably audibly – ‘Why are proving units so expensive?’ They’re not cheap pieces of kit, that’s for certain. Lower grade models generally start below the £100 mark, while others can cost over £1000. But why is this price so high? Continue reading →
  6. Beware Cheap Digital Thermometers!

    Over 400 fake digital thermometers have been confiscated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The counterfeit thermometers are a risk to children who need medical attention as they produce inaccurate readings when used. Continue reading →
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