July 2012

  1. Recycling Electrical Appliances

    Many of us like to recycle. Honestly, chances are you’ve probably got a collection of various different coloured wheelie bins, boxes and general collection points hidden around the back of the garage, each of which can be filled with different kinds of materials. Continue reading →
  2. Insulation resistance testers the next generation

    The new generation of transmission, distribution and industrial Insulation Resistance Testers (IRTs) from Megger are smaller and lighter, easy to use, flexible and operate from battery or mains/line power. There are three models; a 5 kV MIT515 with IR, DAR and PI but no memory, a fully featured 5 kV IRT with memory and a top of the range 10 kV model MIT1025. All models are CATIV 600 V safety rated and housed in a rugged, IP65 case. Continue reading →
  3. Test Lead FAQs

    At PASS we get asked a lot of questions about the products we sell. To help answer these questions we are putting together a range of answers. Continue reading →
  4. Electrical Cars: Are They Worth The Money?

    Your car’s probably your pride and joy. You probably keep it all shiny and nice looking, and love driving it here, there and everywhere.  But have you ever stopped to think how much it’s actually costing you to run your car in the first place? Continue reading →
  5. Gas Usage Goes Up As Summer Washout Continues

    Looked outside recently? It's basically the quintessential British summer; it's usually pretty cold out there and probably raining (relentlessly) and as a result, we're all staying in our houses, huddled around our radiators and cranking up the central heating. Continue reading →
  6. What to Look for when Buying Test Leads

    There are a huge number of test leads that are available on the market today with prices ranging from a few pounds to over a hundred. How do you work out which leads are suitable for the tests that you wish to run? Continue reading →
  7. Can a Domestic Property Support an Electric Car?

    Although the adoption of electric cars is slow, both the range and viability of electric cars is increasing. With this the demand for electric cars is increasing. Continue reading →
  8. Tester Abuse: It's For Your Safety!

    You've just got your brand new tester in a shiny box. You're happy it's perfectly safe and ready for testing, but chances are that your tester's brothers and sisters have had a pretty hard time before your new tester was shipped to you. Continue reading →
  9. The Renewables Roadshow is Once Again on the Move!

    The Renewables Roadshow 2012 promises information, innovation and inspiration as well as the lovely Gabby Logan.  There will be a large number of different presentations on a range of different subjects on every area of green installations. Continue reading →
  10. An Olympic Televisual Effort

    Installing a couple of televisions in tricky places would probably take most of us a good while, but how long would it take you to do 450 of the things? Continue reading →
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