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October 2012

  1. MP Pledges to Tackle Dodgy Cable Installations

    An MP from Wearside is calling for the government to crack down on Britain’s dangerous cable installations. Continue reading →
  2. Electricians: Watch Out For Abestos

    Concerns have arisen overseas over the presence of deadly asbestos inside meter boards. Continue reading →
  3. Electrical Industry Awards 2012 Winners Announced

    All of the famous faces in the electrical industry descended upon a glittering awards ceremony last night. Meet the winners of the Electrical Industry Awards 2012! Continue reading →
  4. Megger Gives Advice to PAT Testers

    If you’re a PAT tester and are worried about the latest changes to the IET Code of Practice interfering with your work, Megger has some advice for you. Don’t worry. Continue reading →
  5. Check Out the ESC's Guide on Christmas Light Safety

    I hate to use the C word in October, but the Electrical Safety Council is forcing me to by giving out great electrical safety advice on dangerous Christmas Lights. Continue reading →
  6. Fight the Rising Electrical Bills

    As you may have seen, cursed at and probably shook a fist or two at, energy companies are putting their bills up by almost 10% later this year. Don’t fret, there are solutions to the problem, and many of them involve your friendly neighbourhood electrician. Continue reading →
  7. Electrical Fire Casualties Are On the Rise

    NAPIT is warning the general public about the dangers of electricity once again today, as alarming new figures show massive amounts of fires are caused by electrical goods and wiring installations. Continue reading →
  8. Digital and Analogue Multimeters: Which Is Better?

    If you’re debating buying a multimeter, you may be struggling to decide which one is right for you. There are loads of kinds out there from different manufacturers, but one of the most important things you have to consider when buying a multimeter is one simple question: Continue reading →
  9. Barcode Scanners and PAT Testing

    Using a barcode scanner with your PAT testing device is a great way to speed up the process of entry and make your testing more efficient. Continue reading →
  10. What is an Oscilloscope?

    The oscilloscope is a piece of electronic test equipment that is used to analyse the varying signals given off by voltages, with the aim of spotting potentially anomalies present within the waveform displayed on screen. Continue reading →
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