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February 2013

  1. NAPIT Announces Date for 2013 NAPIT Expo

    NAPIT (The National Association for Professional Inspectors and Testers) have announced the official starting date for this year’s NAPIT Expo. Continue reading →
  2. Understanding Risk Assessments and Test Frequencies

    Risk assessments are a big part of the new changes in the IET Code of Practice, so let’s take a closer look at what risk assessing actually is. Continue reading →
  3. Important Changes to the IET Code of Practice

    The IET Code of Practice has changed – find out what’s going on in this breakdown by the IET. Continue reading →
  4. Surge In Brits Carrying Out DIY Electrical Work

    We know money’s tight right now – but never do electrical work in your house unless you know what you’re doing. Continue reading →
  5. ESC Begins Electrical Safety Register Campaign

    The Electrical Safety Register aims to let the public have access to qualified, local electricians and thanks to a new campaign, millions around the UK are now aware of the scheme. Continue reading →
  6. Unregistered Gas Engineer Gains Suspended Prison Sentence

    Performing work illegally doesn't pay. Continue reading →
  7. A Greener Hope for the Future?

    The government quietly launched their new Green Deal scheme this January, and now industry-leading body NAPIT has expressed their enthusiasm over the launch of the energy efficiency programme. Continue reading →
  8. Spot The Fraudsters!

    We're going to play a little game. Can the fraud? Continue reading →
  9. Help Raise Money For Ruby's Gift Campaign

    Every little girl deserves a chance at a life, and by donating just a small amount to the Ruby's Gift campaign you could help a little girl's fight against cancer. Continue reading →
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