June 2013

  1. Sound Measurements and Regulations

    Sound is, really, a thing we take for granted. It's all around us every day, whether it be something as simple as fingers tapping on a keyboard or the roar of a jet engine passing high overhead. Although we do take it for granted, testing sound levels, in many applications, is a necessary process designed to protect those around sounds from harm. Continue reading →
  2. Are You Intrinsically Safe?

    We all know the importance of testing various items and applications. Over time they might become damaged, work less efficiently, or - in the worst case scenario - injure someone who's working around them. Testing stops this process, but in certain environments, extra precautions must be taken when testing is carried out. Continue reading →
  3. IET Wiring Regulations Update: Medical Locations

    The IET has put out a new update to their 17th Edition Wiring Regulations book (BS 7671: 2008) that revamps a few sections that deal specifically with medical locations. Continue reading →
  4. Tracking Deer Using Thermal Imaging Systems

    Whether in the air or on land, using thermal technology is a great way to spot animals that may have otherwise been completely hidden. Continue reading →
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