March 2014

  1. Beach Assaulters Raise More than £3000 for CHUF

    They've done it. After braving the gruelling weather, the most difficult of obstacles and a whopping 10K's worth of running in between, the PASS team has successfully completed their Beach Assault course and raised thousands of pounds for a great cause in the process. Continue reading →
  2. Electrical Safety Council rebrands as Electrical Safety First with David Walliams

    The Electrical Safety Council has rebranded as Electrical Safety First and in a blaze of publicity, comedian David Walliams is to voice new Charley Says films. Through a series of new adventures and near misses Charley the cat and his hapless young owner will teach the need for electrical safety in the home by highlighting what not to do. Continue reading →
  3. Intrinsically Safe Measurement avoids Blasts

    We have covered the issue of intrinsic safety in a previous blog post last June. Now PASS is driving the message forward in the media, recently with a double page editorial feature written by our managing director Barry Atkins on pages 28-29 of the March 2014 Edition of Hazardex magazine, pioneer of hazardous area publishing in the UK. Continue reading →
  4. Beds-in-Sheds Thermal Camera reveals 5 Harrow Cannabis Farms

    News broke yesterday about five cannabis farms having been spotted in Harrow, home to one of England's poshest 'public' schools, where there appears to have been rampant profiteering by unscrupulous landlords in their thousands throughout the country renting out sheds with beds at up to £10,000 a year to migrant workers. Continue reading →
  5. Illegal Gas Fitter fakes Gas Safety Documents and endangers Lives

    The Health and Safety Executive has notched up a hat trick of prosecutions of illegal gas fitters within the space of a month. Only last week we reported in this blog how an illegal gas fitter endangered a Rotherham family, while last month a Suffolk plumber was given a suspended prison sentence for carrying out illegal and dangerous gas work. Continue reading →
  6. Illegal Gas Fitter endangers Rotherham Family

    Less than a month after a Suffolk plumber was given a suspended prison sentence for carrying out illegal and dangerous gas work, a Rotherham man has been prosecuted after carrying out illegal gas work and putting a family with a young boy at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning or explosion. Continue reading →
  7. ESC tackles need for improved traceability in product recalls

    Product recalls is a subject we regularly visit on this blog. A recent Electrical Safety Council (ESC) round table attracted a host of senior figures from the electrical product supply chain, to discuss issues around traceability and product recall. The event – a follow up to the ESC’s Product Safety Conference, which took place last year - was attended by representatives from Bosch, Beko, Kenwood, Dixons, AMDEA, Retra and BEAMA; as well as key figures from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, ANEC (the European voice on standards), the British Standards Institute and Trading Standards. Continue reading →
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