January 2015

  1. Benchtop Monitoring for 28 Motors

    Imagine being able to monitor 28 motors for a seamless steel pipe manufacturing process from a single benchtop device with peripherals. This is what one manufacturer is doing with a HIOKI 8861-50 32-channel oscilloscope. Continue reading →
  2. Battery Testing avoids UPS Failure

    Battery backup and generator systems are used everywhere from hospitals and IT datacentres to small UPS systems for backing up office PCs. Batteries need regular maintenance and checking to ensure that they are working correctly, that they still provide their rated outputs and that they are not deteriorating. Continue reading →
  3. Testing for Optimum Panel Orientation

    In the UK, solar panels produce at full (100%) irradiance if oriented due South at an inclination of 35 degrees while panels facing East or West only produce 79% of the equivalent energy output. However consumption demand peak patterns may now favour East-West orientation. Continue reading →
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