February 2015

  1. Hioki Four-Wire Method detects Latent Solder Joint Defects

    At the IPC Apex 2014 Conference and Exhibition for the electronics manufacturing industry last year, Hioki presented a paper revealing that it has developed a four-wire solder joint integrity test for finding latent defects in PCBs that would otherwise go undetected by conventional tests such as capacitance method and boundary scan, among others. Continue reading →
  2. The Pocket-Sized Thermal Camera: Introducing the FLIR C2

    Prepare yourself for FLIR's latest innovation. Continue reading →
  3. IT and Utility Supply Guaranteed during Business Insovency Rescue

    The Government is proceeding with plans to secure continuation of essential IT and utility supplies to failing but viable businesses while they are being rescued. Under proposals to Parliament today, essential suppliers of IT, water, gas, electricity and communications services will be prevented from cutting off supply or charging premium rates while insolvency practitioners seek a viable solution to rescue a business. Continue reading →
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