March 2015

  1. Bluetooth Logging for up to 105 Measurement Channels

    Hioki Memory HiLoggers record up to 105 channels of data wirelessly using Bluetooth® technology, capturing parameters such as voltage, temperature, resistance or humidity signals. Some models provide complete isolation between channels and high noise resistance. Continue reading →
  2. Beyond the Two-Channel Limit of Oscilloscopes from Yesteryear

    The advantage of handheld oscilloscopes is that they can be taken to equipment and tested in situ, unlike a bench scope where components have to be dismantled from the equipment and brought to the bench. Continue reading →
  3. Hioki launches New PW6001 Power Analyzer

    The official launch of the PW6001 Power Analyzer will take place on March 13. Target customers for the newest flagship power meter include researchers and developers of inverters that utilise silicon carbide (SiC) components. Continue reading →
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