October 2016

  1. What Is Test Equipment Calibration, and Why is it Important?

    Test equipment calibration is one of the most important parts of using test equipment. Continue reading →
  2. Treat Yourself to a Brand New Multifunction Tester with Fluke's Trade-In Deal!

    Calling all electrical installers - it's time to put your old multifunction tester to bed and upgrade to one of the brand new Fluke multifunction testers! Continue reading →
  3. Make Your Kitchen Safer by Colour-Coding your Thermometers!

    In any busy commercial kitchen where different types of food are prepared, ready to be sold, the risk of cross-contamination between foods is always a problem. Continue reading →
  4. Do Christmas Lights Need to Be PAT Tested?

    Is your office lacking the festive sparkle that comes from Christmas lights because you’re scared they’re not totally safe? We’ve got good news. Continue reading →
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