March 2018

  1. See Corona Discharges with Ofil DayCor® Cameras!

    Ofil offers a huge selection of genuine imaging cameras which make corona discharge and arcing activity visible. What is corona discharge?  Why do we want to reduce it?  How can it be visible? Continue reading →
  2. Analogue vs Digital Pressure Gauges

    Pressure gauges are designed to measure gas and liquid pressure. They are the most commonly used piece of equipment within electrical and industrial plants and are widely used across many different industries. There are two basic types of pressure gauges: analogue (dial) and digital, let`s see their benefits and drawbacks. Continue reading →
  3. How to detect buried cables?

    A fundamental part of the construction, installation and maintenance of buried utilities is digging holes in the ground. During every excavation there is a risk of damaging buried services. Today telecommunication cables often join the utility lines underground, so locating them is more complex now than it was in the past. Continue reading →
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