The government quietly launched their new Green Deal scheme this January, and now industry-leading body NAPIT has expressed their enthusiasm over the launch of the energy efficiency programme.

NAPIT, the National Association for Professional Inspectors and Testers, works closely with various contractors to give them certifications in electrical work, ventilation work, plumbing, heating installation and other energy installations.

Since the launch of the Green Deal means a lot of new opportunities arising for contractors across the country, NAPIT is understandably interested in what the future holds for the scheme.

NAPIT Director of Standards Division, David Cowburn, said: “We are highly enthusiastic about the launch of Green Deal and what it means for the industry and householders across the country. Householders have access to affordable, energy efficient measures for the first time and this will have a positive impact on the energy efficiency industry. Also, it will help to reduce this country’s carbon footprint.”

What Is the Green Deal?

Recent polls found that significant numbers of people in the UK have absolutely no idea what the Green Deal actually is.

The new scheme is designed to improve the energy efficiency of homes by offering home owners financial funding to install energy-saving measures. The idea is that the government puts up the money for the installation, and the payback scheme for that money is tied into the energy bills of your home.

This means that you'll pay back for the installation when you pay your energy bill, which makes it sounds somewhat daunting. Although this is the case, the Green Deal incentive can only be utilised where there is proof that the scheme will overall save the homeowner money on their energy bills in the future.

So in other words, if you had solar panels installed on your roof, they'd have to generate enough to save you money on your bills in the future. The money used to install those panels would be added to your energy bill.

It's a scheme that's caused much debate and conversation since it was announced a long time ago and it remains to be seen whether or not the scheme will thrive or flop dramatically.

For more information on the Green Deal, visit the website.