As you may have seen, cursed at and probably shook a fist or two at, energy companies are putting their bills up by almost 10% later this year. Don’t fret, there are solutions to the problem, and many of them involve your friendly neighbourhood electrician.

Electrical Bills

Since the new proposed spikes in energy prices will see an average rise in most household’s bills of around £80 per year, turning to electricians to enhance the capabilities of your property and reduce its energy consumption is a more appealing prospect than ever before.

Lighting Installations

One of the simplest fixes you can do inside your home is rethink your lighting. Although we reported earlier this year that conventional light bulbs are being slowly filtered out in favour of energy-saving replacements, many households are still using the old bulbs and wasting loads of energy while doing so.

Switching to lighting that uses LEDs rather than other types of light can have a drastic effect on your energy bill. LEDs use less energy, last longer and don’t waste as much energy as other light bulbs do, so they’re well worth considering for your property as a means of reducing your energy bills.

For more information on this, visit our blog on the pros and cons of light bulb types.

The Green Deal

Did you know new government rulings are in progress that allow home owners grants to improve the energy efficiency of their homes?

The Green Deal basically allows home owners to get funding for a number of different energy-saving installations, which then has to be paid back via your energy bill. The fee is tied into your property, so if you move house, this fee doesn’t move with you.

Even though it seems at first like you’re still going to be paying a lot of money, a lot of energy saving ventures inside the home can drastically reduce the price of your electricity and heating bills, meaning you’ll still save a lot of money.

Electricians around the country are currently training hard to get ready for the demand of the Green Deal, and it is expected for many contractors to start offering their services in this sector over the next few months.

For more information on the Green Deal, visit the official website.

We also recommend you visit the Energy Saving Trust’s website for more information on creating an energy-conscious property.