The amount of wireless test equipment is rapidly growing in the market. Why do we need this technology in our testers? Why are they so popular?

Here’s our answer.

Test equipment manufacturers can be proud of their pioneering work in developing new and more effective wireless technologies. Wireless products have opened up a whole new range of possibilities within the industry.

The data storage capacity of the equipment is not a limitation any more.

The collected data can be downloaded easily using Wi-Fi; recorded video footage can be watched and analysed on a desktop after the survey, and dedicated software enables fast reporting once data has been downloaded.

Wireless tools can connect members of a team even if they are in different places. As a result of this, decisions and approvals may be determined easily without leaving the field.

Furthermore, using a mobile phone allows information to be shared immediately with others in different locations. This makes diagnosing and problem solving easier and quicker. Therefore wireless tools help to save time, increase productivity and improve safety.

Another great advantage of wireless test equipment is that it can allow you to work from a safe distance. Live readings and measurements can be taken remotely with less time spent around high voltages, vastly improving safety.

Fluke has launched Fluke Connect® which is a wireless technology built into all the popular testing tools creating a fully integrated, highly comprehensive system.

See how some popular wireless tools can increase the efficiency of everyday applications

Infrared cameras: you can assign images to the equipment and buildings which you are ready to analyse; then review historical images to identify trends in real time.

Clamp meters: it is possible to take measurements away from the arch-flash zones, so you can reduce the time wearing PPE. Besides this, reports can be sent from the field using your smartphone.

Digital Multimeters: view electrical data logs and easily communicate with team members at different locations in order to solve problems.

Thermometers: you can read measurements from a distance and share them with your team, right from the field.

Installation Testers: you can send pre-test insulation results to your team before working on the installation, thereby avoiding damage to peripheral equipment.

Insulation Tester: using this equipment you can easily log, store, analyse and wirelessly transmit data.

Power Quality Analyzers: you can maintain safer working distances and make critical decisions in real time with remote data access and sharing.

If you browse our website, you will see immediately that many of our top-selling brands, such as Comark, DilLog, Extech, Flir, Fluke, Kane, Kern, Ofil, Testsafe and Testo, offer wireless products to make the daily work easier.

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