The new generation of transmission, distribution and industrial Insulation Resistance Testers (IRTs) from Megger are smaller and lighter, easy to use, flexible and operate from battery or mains/line power. There are three models; a 5 kV MIT515 with IR, DAR and PI but no memory, a fully featured 5 kV IRT with memory and a top of the range 10 kV model MIT1025. All models are CATIV 600 V safety rated and housed in a rugged, IP65 case.

Test leads are accommodated in a lead pouch attached to the case lid.

The next generation

All models have a short circuit test current of 3 mA along with 3 mA noise filtering capability, ensuring operation in electrically noisy MV and HV switchyards. Tests can either be logged to produce a resistance curve or the final result saved in the instrument for on-screen recall. A real time clock time/date stamps readings in memory.

Saved test data can be transferred via a 10 kV isolated USB device interface to PowerDB Lite supplied with MIT525 and MIT1025 Industry standard timer settings are preset for the different test modes and are user settable. A lock voltage range serves as a user selected specific test voltage.

The new MIT515, MIT525 and MIT1025 are a perfect fit for transmission and distribution maintenance, commissioning and industrial/OEM use. Typical applications include insulation testing of transformers, switchyard equipment, cables and industrial/OEM testing and quality control.
Insulation testing is important to ensure the continued operation of transmission and distribution equipment and prevent outages. Resistance results should be trended over time to offer advanced warning of deterioration.

- Courtesy of Megger

Written by Barry Atkins at