The Gas Forum has announced that this year’s Gas Forum Annual Conference will take place on the 2nd October 2012.

Set to take place in 11 Cavendish Square, London, the event is open to all industry professionals who wish to learn about the future of the UK’s gas market.

It’s an extremely important event that could have impact on every gas engineer, so booking your place now ensures you’ll be able to meet with other professionals, hear the speakers talk and have your say on the items being discussed.

Topics being discussed at the event by a number of industry speakers include:

  • What are the key strategic challenges facing policy makers suppliers and users of gas?
  • What role will gas play in the UK’s future energy mix?
  • How will this translate to the proposed gas generation strategy and forthcoming Energy Bill?
  • Given the growing global demand for gas, how attractive is the UK market to suppliers?
  • What will the contribution be from unconventional gas and will the opportunities outweigh the risks?
  • The UK’s wholesale and retail gas markets have embraced competition – is there scope to improve further?
  • Are there threats on the horizon?
  • Is this a golden age for gas?

The event marks the start of the official gas year, and will conclude with a new year’s party for all attendees!

You can register for the event by downloading a PDF from the Gas Forum.

Written by Bill Earlie at