Testo’s winter deals, which are valid until the 30th April 2021, include a free Testo 830-T2 IR Thermometer with every Testo 327-1 and 320B Flue Gas Analyser Kit, as well as new Testo 300 FGA models and kits at promotional prices. To accompany this range of winter 2021 offers, Testo has compiled a helpful white paper, which offers useful tips, diagrams and data, to aid engineers with conducting checks on heating systems quickly and safely.

Testo’s fifteen-page white paper is titled, ‘Carry out measuring tasks on heating systems efficiently and safely’, and offers advice on the following the topics.

Functional Testing and Settings for Gas-Fired Systems

This section is concerned with checking and commissioning atmospheric gas boilers and condensing boilers. It includes the following subsections:

  1. Checking the gas connection pressure
  2. Setting the gas-air ratio
  3. Preparing the flue gas analyser
  4. Determining the flue gas loss
  5. Calculating the efficiency (ŋ)
  6. Measuring the flue draught
  7. Measuring the CO concentration
  8. Flue gas channel inspection
  9. Maintenance of the analyser

Additional Checks

This chapter provides information on:

  1.  Checking nitrogen oxides
  2. Ambient CO measurement
  3. Ambient CO2 measurement

Functional Testing and Settings for Oil-Fired Systems

This section details the settings and measurements required to commission non-condensing appliances such as low-temperature boilers with forced-draught oil burners. It covers the following topics:

  1. Measuring the smoke number
  2. Settings for oil burners

For more helpful advice and useful tips, please download Testo’s white paper here.

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