Wire crimp pull, spring, and fastener torque testing are just some of the checks critical to ensuring passenger safety and aircraft performance. Mark-10’s force/ torque instruments and test stands are used by a multitude of airlines, militaries, component manufacturers, and aircraft assemblers to carry out key tests and ensure compliance with internal and international standards.

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Founded in 1979, Mark-10 is a leading USA manufacturer of force and torque measurement instruments. A focus on engineering and innovation has enabled Mark-10 to develop solutions specific to applications across the automotive, medical, textile, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food and drinks industries. Mark-10’s force gauges, torque testers, and test stands can be used to ensure safe and optimal aircraft performance: they are pivotal to assessing the properties and durability of components used in every aspect of aerospace technology. To this end, Mark-10's instruments are suitable for carrying out the following tests.

Spring Testing

Spring testing is essential to ensuring that pistons in brake units extend and contract correctly.

Wire Terminal Crimp Pull Testing

Wire harnesses are ubiquitous within the aerospace industry. They are used in aircraft fuselages, avionics, engines, ground support equipment, and other products. It is therefore vital to the safety of pilots, aircraft staff, and passengers that they function correctly. Particularly, that their crimped wire terminals do not become disconnected after the final installation. Mark-10’s Wire Crimp Pull Testers, such as the WT3-201MU Motorised Wire Crimp Pull Tester or WT3-201 Manual Wire Crimp Pull Tester, can be used to ascertain the force required to remove the terminal from the wire, enabling you to assess whether the wire harness is suitable for the application.

Force & Torque Testing of Dials & Switches

Check the torque of rotary switches and dials used in cockpits, lighting, and in-flight entertainment systems, and measure the force required to turn these controls.

Passenger Control Button Activation Force

Similarly, verify the force required to activate passenger control buttons

Mark-10’s M5i Advanced and M7i Professional Force/ Torque Gauges are ideal for a range of tension and compression force measurements.

Bearing Torque Testing

Use Mark-10’s force/torque gauges and test stands to ascertain the performance of bearings by measuring friction torque.

Cable Tension Testing

Ensure that cables meet the demands of aerospace applications by using Mark-10’s test stands and force/ torque gauges to determine the force required to break the cable.

Tensile Strength of Materials

Likewise, Mark-10 products can be used to quantify the force needed to bring aircraft materials to breaking point. Check the tensile strength of:

  • Adhesive bonds
  • Aircraft textiles and carpets
  • Cables, hoses, and tubing
  • Gaskets and o-rings
  • Parachute materials and cords
  • Seat belt materials
  • Welded joints
  • Wiring looms and harnesses

Bend Strength of Materials

Evaluate the bending properties of materials. For instance, ascertain a material’s bending strength and/or the maximum angle to which it can be bent before reaching breaking point.

Mark-10’s ESM303U Motorised Tension/ Compression Test Stand and ES20 Hand Wheel Operated Test Stand are ideal for conducting crucial tension, compression, push, and pull tests.

Electronics Component Pull-off Testing

Ensure that PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) will function correctly by measuring the strength required to peel the laminate from the board and/or pull off components.

Mark-10’s force/torque gauges and test stands also find applications within the food industry, as similar tests are performed to determine the strength required to remove lids, tabs, handles, and bottle caps.

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Seat Belt Release Force

Measure the force required to release a seat belt. As with bottle caps, the force required must not be so great that the passenger injures themselves while releasing the belt but must not be so minimal that the seat belt comes undone during turbulence.

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