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Beware Cheap Digital Thermometers!

Over 400 fake digital thermometers have been confiscated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

The counterfeit thermometers are a risk to children who need medical attention as they produce inaccurate readings when used.

The MHRA became aware of the fake thermometers after a couple whose child suffers from Leukaemia had to be rushed to hospital. The couple had used one of the cheap thermometers and it gave a false reading even though the child was running a high fever.

The fakes, which are believed to be sold on sites such as Ebay, generally retail for amounts as small as 99p.

The MHRA is working closely with Ebay and other sites to identify and stop sellers of counterfeit medical products. Over the past year, the MHRA has also seized other items such as cooling pads for children and even Slendertone products which apply electrical signals to the stomach.

Dr Nicola Lennard (the MHRA’s deputy clinical director) said: “It is vital that people do not buy or use cheap, unapproved medical devices. Inaccurate readings from cheap, fake thermometers could result in a delay to a child getting the medical treatment they need.

“The MHRA is working with internet sites to ensure that fake medical devices are not sold to people, and we urge the public to report faulty medical devices."
Any false items should be reported immediately to the MHRA on 020 3080 or by visiting their website.

Written by Barry Atkins at