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How do drones revolutionise different industries?

Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are becoming more and more popular, and not just among the hobbyists! What could be their industrial significance?

UAVs can reach places that are inaccessible when using traditional camera equipment; this allows drones to capture photos and videos from unique angles which otherwise would be hidden from our eyes.

One of the main features of drones is that they can quickly cover a large area, allowing them to collect data from a number of sites quickly. They can be used to look over, perform safety and security checks on real estates, facilities and plant or manufacturing and industrial plants.

Drones have also revolutionised the police and security industry. Both individual banks and national security services can benefit from the cost savings and added protection made possible through using drones.

Furthermore, UAVs can prevent costly delays on construction sites by collecting and circulating data. They don’t just accelerate the communication between contractors and subcontractors, but they can also be used to view the site at any time.

There are specific industries, like the rail or energy sectors, where revenue generating activities must be put on hold for the purposes of maintenance and safety inspections carried out by humans. These industries can utilise drone technology efficiently in order to inspect areas while regular operation is still ongoing. This method is illustrated by GE, as GE inspects its power lines using drones.

The agricultural industry is another beneficiary of drone technology. UAVs can be used to monitor and check the condition of crops or livestock quickly. Drone manufacturers are working on producing specialised drones which can collect more agriculturally relevant information from the fields.

If all that wasn’t convincing enough, there is another fascinating application of drones. Ocean drones gather real-time data about currents and weather conditions which are essential to meteorologists, geologists and the navy, as well as oil and gas companies.

Drones are more and more affordable and even the less expensive drones are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Moreover, the variety of compatible accessories is still rapidly increasing, allowing users to tailor their drones to suit an array of applications.

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