Megger are constantly developing new ways to improve testing procedures, and they're showing off their latest method of improving transformer testing in a series of seminars around the United Arab Emirates.

The events saw a significant amount of professionals come to hear about the latest innovations in the test equipment field.  Attendees heard from Middle East & Africa Regional Manager for Megger Limited Nick Parton as he talked them through the latest products in Megger's line of transformer testers, relay testing and SFRA.

The seminars also allowed visitors to see the products in action thanks to live demos of the products, and Megger was keen to highlight how they're making their devices easier and easier to use each time they develop new products.

Particularly highlighted during the talks was testing power transformers and how Megger's new MTO Transformer Ohmmeter and the FRAX sweep Frequency Response Analyzer allow users to test the quality of power being outputted in a more efficient manner.

The new devices have been designed to allow engineers to maintain the output of power from a transformer, particularly as the devices are regularly subjected to changing harmonics which may affect the overall ability of the transformer to maintain the level of power needed.

Megger are a leading provider of test equipment all around the world, developing everything from the mentioned ohmeters to multifunction testers.

Written by Barry Atkins at