We're going to play a little game. Can you....spot the fraud?

Any online company has to deal with fraud pretty regularly, so we thought we'd share one of our latest favourites with you so you can see the levels some fraudsters try to stoop to. Can you spot what's wrong with this cheque?

Study it carefully and see how many things you can spot. You have until the Countdown theme ends.

These are the obvious mistakes with the cheque:

  • The top edge of the cheque is not in line with the print, indicating that this is not a legit cheque, but rather a photocopy
  • There is no listed account number or sort code
  • The amount of money listed is far too high
  • They've spelled the name of our company, Portable Appliance Safety Services, wrong.

In other words, the cheque is riddled with errors, meaning it is fraudulent. We've put together this blog just to highlight some of the fraud we've found, and we hope that it's helped you to gain a better understanding of some of the tricks fraudster might try to pull.

Fraud is a very real problem on the internet, so make sure you're diligent at all times and look for problems such as this one.