She's usually found behind a desk sorting out accounts, but our very own Charlotte Unsworth has swapped the desk for mucky field as she tackled a Pretty Muddy 5k osctable run all in the name of a great cause.

Charlotte, alongside members of her friends and family, decided to take on the gruelling Pretty Muddy 5K run to raise money for Cancer Research UK after losing her father to cancer in 2013.

"I lost my dad to cancer two and a half years ago." says Charlotte, on her JustGiving page. "He battled this disease for over three years always confident he would beat it. My family and I moved in to care for him and I have to say it was the hardest three years of my life. It changes you as a person when you watch someone so close to you suffering on a daily basis thinking they can win. Even more heart breaking when the doctors pull you aside and confirm he is getting worse not better. I've sat in North Tees hospital for more nights than I care to remember all the while thinking surely more can be done!"

Charlotte ran alongside her sister who had complete the course previously and five others. Together the group managed to raise £800, with Charlotte alone bringing in £347 of the grand total thanks to donations from close friends, family and colleagues.

Pretty Muddy courses are more than just a standard 5K run; instead you can expect to clamber over, crawl under and charge through obstacles and get - as the name suggests - incredibly muddy while doing it. Women all over the UK take part in the events to raise money for lost loved ones or those dealing with cancer.

You can learn more about Pretty Muddy events by clicking this link.

From all of us at PASS, we'd like to congratulate Charlotte on a job well done. Her final quote from her JustGiving page sums up exactly why doing events just like this important for putting a stop to cancer once and for all.

"I am taking on a challenge not as big as my dad's, but I am hoping that this small effort I make will make someone else's fight easier."

Congratulations Charlotte, you may have got more than a bit muddy doing it, but you did great. Hopefully you realise that bit of mud that's been on your face for three days is there in the near future.

Please help Charlotte and Cancer Research UK out by visiting and donating to her JustGiving page >>

Here's a shot of the ladies both before and after the course. They weren't kidding when they said it was pretty muddy, were they?