The Role of Thermal Cameras After Lockdown - Hikvision Cameras on the BBC

A recent BBC News report suggests using thermal imaging cameras to identify persons with a possible EBT (Elevated Body Temperature), a common indicator of fever which is a symptom of many illnesses including COVID-19 coronavirus. [1]

Watch the full report on the BBC News website.

The thermal cameras are from the Hikvsion range below:

As Parliament begins to discuss when it might be safe to soften social distancing restrictions and how the process of lifting lockdown limitations might be implemented, attention has shifted to finding technology that could help to protect the public in busy environments such as airports, schools, restaurants and offices.

Identifying individuals with EBT means they can be medically screened using COVID-specific tests to determine whether they are carriers of the virus and would be required to self-isolate. Therefore, when used alongside medical procedures, thermal imaging cameras can help to prevent the potential spread of infection.

A recent BBC report[2] detailed how Hikvision thermal imaging cameras were being trialled in Bournemouth Airport. These Hikvision EBT-screening thermal cameras will trigger an audible and/or visual alert when above-average body temperatures are detected.

The report also touched on the potential to use thermal imaging cameras in other public places such as NHS A&E departments, restaurants, and construction sites.

It is important to note that thermal imaging cameras are not diagnostic tools. They cannot identify pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic carriers as these people will not have a fever.[3] However, when used in conjunction with medical tests, thermal imaging cameras can help to identify symptomatic carriers.

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