Thermal Imaging  and Night Vision cameras to detect the paranormal activities

It is well known amongst ghost hunters that ghost hunting investigation is a long and tedious work. Some reflective surface like granite, marble or polished wood often misperceived as a ghost and it turns out that the ghostly image you have seen is …just You!

The experts say an unexplained cold or hot spots are usually a sign that a spirit is present or ready to manifest in a physical form. During the paranormal activities, in most cases a significant temperature changes happen which could be detected by thermal cameras.

Thermal cameras are able to record temperature by recognising and capturing different levels of infrared light. As an illustration, just hold your hand over some hot coals or wood, these are emitting a ton of infrared radiation. The hotter is the object more infrared radiation will be captured. The contrary happens when the object is cold.

So why don`t you make your ghost hunting job is easier with a thermal camera?

Not to mention that you can record immediately your findings! Just keep focusing on areas where the activities are reported and when you see strange temperature fluctuations or anomalies like hand or foot prints just follow the marks with your thermal camera.

Having the highest chance to catch some evidence, you really need to have the best ghost hunting tools.

Here are some of the Infrared Cameras recommended by Ghost Hunters:


FLIR E8 Thermal Camera


FLIR C2 Pocket-Sized Camera


Fluke VT04 IR Thermometer


TG165 Imaging IR Thermometer


When we are talking about ghost hunting, Night Vision Cameras should be also mentioned as a useful tool to capture and record any paranormal activity. These cameras usually have small LED bulbs so they have a light source in the dark enabling them to show any phenomena that maybe present.

Have a look at our range of Night Vision Cameras.

We all wish You Good Luck to Your Ghost Hunt!