Thermal cameras identify heat sources. Body heat given off by small mammals such as mice, rats, or even from a wasps nest can be spotted using a thermal imaging camera. As well as finding the pest you can also use the thermal camera to look for clues. Thermal imaging is brilliant for locating missing insulation in the cavity of a property’s wall.

Small rodents love to use wall insulation for nests and often carve out tunnels in the walls cavities. The thermal imaging camera can be used to locate the area where insulation has been removed from the interior of a wall by a rodent. The gaps create pockets of air that change the temperature of a walls surface, thus creating a contrast in the colour pallet of the thermal image.

These thermal images show the area of an internal wall where insulation has been removed by mice. The one on the right also shows a hotspot, which could just be the culprit!

Wasps Nests

Wasps nest are another common problem, especially in the warmer months. They can often be found in wall cavities and roof spaces. These overcrowded nests cause the temperature to rise and the heat given off by the activity can be located using thermal imaging.

These images show a wasps nest in two different colour pallets.


The above image shows a photograph of a wasps nest in the cavity of a wall in the corner of the ceiling. The bright yellow circle (on the left) and the white circle (on the right image) is where the nest is located. Once you have located the nest you can start the real work of treatment and removal.

Advantages of owning a Thermal Imaging Camera for pest control experts.

The main advantage for anyone working in pest control would be the time that you save in your investigative and exploratory work when trying to locate the pests. Looking around a property with the thermal imaging camera highlights things instantly without having to rip out walls or lift floorboards, helping you to minimise disruption and speed up your diagnosis.

The other advantage is that you can physically show your client the problem, and in turn gain their confidence. Showing them where infestations lie and presenting the client with a picture of the pest, or damage caused by the pest can help them to understand the scale of their problems.

Thermal Cameras come in all shapes and sizes with varying price tags. With the invention of the smartphone attachment, there is now a thermal imaging camera for everyone, no matter what your budget. Take a look at the links below, they can all be used for pest control applications:

What about Night Vision for Tracking Vermin?

For tracking down pests in the dark a Night Vision Camera is a must.
When darkness falls pests can be much harder to see with the naked eye. However, by using a night vision camera you can easily scan the area and spot the subjects from up to 100m* away. The Nocturna Night Vision range is silent and great for covert tracking of vermin in the dark. They are lightweight and easy to use. Simply point and push the button and the screen will show you a crystal clear image of the culprits even in pitch black. They come in a handy pistol-shaped design and have a decent size screen for you to view subjects at arm's length, enabling you to still keep all your wits about you!

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