PASS were delighted to invite test equipment manufacturer Megger into our training facility today (the 22nd of March) to host a series of seminars on the recent changes to the IET Code of Practice.

The seminars, which are hosted by Peter Wade of Megger, are designed to help contractors from around the country to understand the changes in scope for the IET Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, many of which change the way we go about performing PAT testing procedures.

Megger has been taking their Code of Practice Roadshow around the country in recent months, making sure that contractors can get to grips with the somewhat confusing change to the IET Code of Practice. Our own training day - which took place at our specialist electrical training centre in Stockton-On-Tees - was held on the 22nd March 2013 with a seminar both in the morning and the afternoon.

The changes to the Code of Practice mainly focus around changes in the overall scope of PAT testing, and also make regular reference to the Lofstedt report, which found that most PAT testing currently carried out in the UK is done needlessly and the current literature was confusing. If you're a contractor who regularly carries out in-service inspection and testing understanding these changes is of the utmost importance as it may change the way your company operates and does business.

Simon Wood of Megger summed up the changes earlier on in the year. He said:

"PAT testing service providers can guide duty holders by alerting them to the types of factors that should be considered, and help to evaluate the significance of these factors.

“In other words, assisting with risk assessments is a new business opportunity and it’s one that, properly handled, should go a long way toward offsetting any loss of income that results from reduced re-test frequencies.

“And there’s another opportunity for PAT testing service providers, which, although it’s not new, is very important. There are still huge numbers of businesses and organisations in the UK that need PAT testing but either don’t know it or choose to ignore their responsibilities. In other words, the PAT testing market is by no means saturated and go-get service providers will be looking to grow their businesses by searching out these PAT test virgins."

If you couldn't attend the PASS Megger Day we're sorry to not see you, but you can learn more about the changes to the IET Code of Practice in our blog we published last month.

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