On Friday, 4th May PASS Training and Development (TS18 2BQ) has the pleasure of hosting Seaward for PAT testing Workshop.

The workshop will cover the followings:

• Overview of current systems & ways of working (old practice vs new)
• Modern record keeping
• Customising your tester
• Recording non-electrical items
• Advantages of label printing & barcoding
• Mobile data transfer (downloading & uploading)
• Bespoke reporting & data management

Did you know?

Seaward reviewed their customers feedback to refine the hardware, firmware and software of its successful equipment. The new Apollo+ product range comes with improved functionality and accessories. Besides many new improved features it also includes an interchangeable external rechargeable battery pack to minimise downtime when you are testing a larger number of appliances in one day.

Click here to have a look at the new Apollo+ product range.

Don`t miss out!

The attendees will be entered into a draw to win an Apollo 600+ Elite Kit with PAT Guard 3 software and we`ll announce the winner after the workshop has finished.

We also offer you during the workshop 1-2-1 technical support and you can get your hands on the latest testing equipment.

Please if you have any further questions send an email at info@pass.co.uk or call our technical experts on 01642 931 329.