1. Why Do Electrical Contractors Need Thermal Cameras?

    Thermal imaging cameras have been around for some time. Fluke's, Hikmicro's, and Teledyne FLIR's new and improved collections of cameras cater for all users and all budgets; so now is a great time to review what's new and add one to your toolbox. Continue reading →
  2. Power Quality Analysis is now more Affordable

    Three-phase power quality analysis has never been more affordable with the launch of the Fluke 1730 energy logger, which is 25 percent cheaper than earlier models. Three-phase AC electrical supply has a number of advantages over single-phase as the phase currents cancel each other out, allowing reduced neutral wire size in the case of star wiring or to eliminate it altogether in the case of delta wiring. Continue reading →
  3. What to Look for when Buying Test Leads

    There are a huge number of test leads that are available on the market today with prices ranging from a few pounds to over a hundred. How do you work out which leads are suitable for the tests that you wish to run? Continue reading →
  4. What is a PAT Test Certificate and Why Is It Important?

    Please note this blog was originally published in July 2012. It was updated on the 5th May 2021 to include new, up-to-date PAT testers.  Portable appliance testing (PAT) is well known to most people who own a business. It is the process whereby all the portable electric appliances a business owns are tested to ensure they meet high standards of safety. Continue reading →
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