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  1. Take Safe, Simple, Speedy Measurements with KANE LINK

    A black and white image with the KANE LINK logo in the foreground. In the background, behind the logo are two KANE WPCP2 Wireless Clamp Probes on pipes. To the right of these clamps is a KANE 458S FGA. After years of research and development, KANE has created KANE LINK, a wireless interface that connects your KANE LINK-enabled 458S, 958, or 988 Flue Gas Analyser to KANE LINK probes, adapters, and monitors, allowing you to carry out measurements wirelessly and remotely. With KANE Link you don’t have to carry multiple pieces of test equipment or navigate dangerous trailing wires; results are wirelessly transmitted to your flue gas analyser, and you can send data to print or to a smartphone/tablet with the KANE LIVE app installed, enabling you to work faster, easier, and more accurately. Continue reading →
  2. Win a FREE Electric Van with Testo

    Test equipment manufacturer Testo has launched their new 2022 winter promotion! They are giving a lucky customer the opportunity to win a FREE Nissan Electric Van. Continue reading →
  3. Testo Autumn Offer: Buy a Testo FGA & Get Your 1st Year of Service Free

    Buy and register a Testo 300, 320B or 327 Flue Gas Analyser or Flue Gas Analyser Kit between the 1st September and 31st December 2021 to receive your first year of service, worth over £100, for free! Continue reading →
  4. What You Should Know About the ErP and NOx Emission Control

    Please note this blog was originally published on the 23rd September 2019. It was updated on the 8th September 2021 to contain relevant flue gas analyser models. On the right of the image a man is using a wrench to work on boiler pipes. In the bottom right corner is a yellow Gas Safety Week logo, while on the left is dark blue text that reads 'What You Should Know About ErP and NOx Emission Control. The Energy Related Products Directive (ErP) reflects the commitment of the European Union to improve air quality. The latest legislation concerning NOx emissions was introduced on the 26th September 2018 to meet EU targets for 2020: Continue reading →
  5. 5 Reasons to Calibrate Your Flue Gas Analyser

    Please note this blog was originally published on the 17th October 2017. It was updated on the 8th September 2021 to include current calibration information. White text on the left of the image reads '5 Reasons to Calibrate Your Flue Gas'. It is on a dark blue background. The yellow Gas Safety Week logo is in the bottom right corner and the right side of the banner is taken up with an image of a flue gas analyser that has been opened up: one side is blue casing and one side is a circuit board. Hands hold a black component above the side with the circuit board. Every plumber and gas engineer knows that when installing gas appliances a flue gas analyser (FGA) is essential! Using an FGA, you can verify that the appliance is working safely and that the installation is not producing dangerous levels of harmful gases that could jeopardise the safety of your clients and their community. That is why proper maintenance and calibration of your FGA is vital to ensuring that this critical part of your job is as accurate as possible. Continue reading →
  6. A Close Look at Flue Gas Analysers

    Flue gas analysers have become more popular in recent years with gas and heating engineers. Continue reading →
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