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  1. Fluke Thermal Camera Seminar: Register Your Interest Today

    PASS are delighted to announce we will be hosting a seminar from Fluke on the 23rd of September 2015. Continue reading →
  2. Power Quality Analysis is now more Affordable

    Three-phase power quality analysis has never been more affordable with the launch of the Fluke 1730 energy logger, which is 25 percent cheaper than earlier models. Three-phase AC electrical supply has a number of advantages over single-phase as the phase currents cancel each other out, allowing reduced neutral wire size in the case of star wiring or to eliminate it altogether in the case of delta wiring. Continue reading →
  3. Give your Thermal Imaging some Va Va Voom!

    So you have thermal imaging camera, but did you know that if you splash out upwards of £60,000 on a Mercedes Benz S-Class you get one thrown in? OK, so it might not be much use if you want to inspect an electrical power distribution switchboard or if you want to measure the heat of pipework and header tanks in a process environment, but it will make a great impression when you visit customers. Continue reading →
  4. Fluke Announces New Medical Oscilloscope

    A brand new medical scopemeter from Fluke was announced today, making the troubleshooting of medical equipment even easier. Continue reading →
  5. Fluke Announces New Laser Distance Meter Range

    Measuring distances just got better. Continue reading →
  6. Tester Abuse: It's For Your Safety!

    You've just got your brand new tester in a shiny box. You're happy it's perfectly safe and ready for testing, but chances are that your tester's brothers and sisters have had a pretty hard time before your new tester was shipped to you. Continue reading →
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