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Intrinsic Safety

  1. 10-Point Checklist for Buying Ex Cameras

    Buying an Ex digital camera often costs many times that of its non-Ex equivalent. CorDEX has published a checklist to help potential users work their way through the maze of features. Ranging from affordable point-and-shoot models to high end compact digital SLRs, intrinsically safe refers to a method of protection that prevents ignition by spark of thermal means. Continue reading →
  2. Process Loop Calibration Optimises Plant Stability

    The calibration of analogue signals from myriad sensors and transducers in a process plant is essential not only to ensure correct readings on instruments but also for the feedback signals required for stable process plant operation. Continue reading →
  3. Gas Detection from Past to Present

    Testing for gasses has come a long way since the days when Victorian miners would take a canary down a mineshaft as an early warning indicator of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, methane or carbon dioxide. Continue reading →
  4. Intrinsically Safe Measurement avoids Blasts

    We have covered the issue of intrinsic safety in a previous blog post last June. Now PASS is driving the message forward in the media, recently with a double page editorial feature written by our managing director Barry Atkins on pages 28-29 of the March 2014 Edition of Hazardex magazine, pioneer of hazardous area publishing in the UK. Continue reading →
  5. What is Intrinsic Safety, and What is Ingress Protection?

    Production of testers that can operate in difficult and hazardous areas is a very difficult and time consuming process; the highest levels of protection must be added so that none of the working parts can be affected and more importantly, the test instruments cannot effect the environment. Continue reading →
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