1. Electrical Safety First pushes for Five-Yearly Safety Checks

    Electrical Safety First is asking stakeholders to support its position on the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) Review of Property Conditions in the Private Rented Sector (PRS). Continue reading →
  2. Beds-in-Sheds Thermal Camera reveals 5 Harrow Cannabis Farms

    News broke yesterday about five cannabis farms having been spotted in Harrow, home to one of England's poshest 'public' schools, where there appears to have been rampant profiteering by unscrupulous landlords in their thousands throughout the country renting out sheds with beds at up to £10,000 a year to migrant workers. Continue reading →
  3. From PE Teacher to £54,000 a Year Solar Installer

    PASS is helping hundreds of trainees throughout the UK to qualify for electrical careers, some of whom include career switchers and people who are reluctant to face uncertain career prospects after completing a university degree. Continue reading →
  4. Concerns over Gas Safety Awareness in Rented Properties

    Tenants could be at risk – landlords aren’t doing enough to enforce gas safety. Continue reading →
  5. Man Injured by Electrical Blast

    A landlord has been injured after an electrical explosion took place in a city flat in Plymouth. Continue reading →
  6. Landlords and Electrical Safety

    There seems to be confusion about electrical safety across a wide variety of sectors. Although many people know it is needed, not many seem to know exactly why it is needed, and how regularly the processes relating to electrical safety should be carried out. Continue reading →
  7. Electrical & Portable Appliance Testing Safety Advice for Landlords

    A complete guide to electrical safety and portable appliance testing (in service) safety for landlords, including responsibility, regulations, cost and advice. Keeping up with all of the rules and regulations is a potential minefield for any landlord; when this problem involves potentially dangerous electricity, this issue can become even more difficult. We will try and keep this document updated when changes are made to regulations. As guidance on this matter is vague at best we thought we’d try and clear thing up for Landlords asking the questions. Continue reading →
  8. PAT Testing Advice for Landlords

    As a landlord you may feel inundated by rules and regulations. When the Health and Safety Executive release guidance on electrical testing do you find yourself worrying about where the guidance stops and the legal obligation begins?  To be fair, their recent guidance on the maintenance of “portable electric equipment in low-risk environments” is clearly summarised on the HSE site, specifically in a six-page PDF document entitled “Maintaining portable electric equipment in low-risk environments”. It’s free to download and well explained, however does this information, for example, take into account the small print on your commercial insurance policy? Continue reading →
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