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Multifunction Testers

  1. Product Recalls emphasise the Importance of Testing

    In May last year, we reported how the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) was pushing for harsher penalties on companies who do not reinforce electrical product recall policies. After carrying out research into recalled products the ESC found that typically only 10-20 percent of recalled electrical goods are actually ever returned. Continue reading →
  2. Electrical Installation Safety Testing - A Guide

    According to the European standards, requirements for electrical installation safety testing should include a combination of following tests: • Insulation resistance • Continuity of protective conductors and equipotential bonding • RCD testing • Line and fault loop impedance • Earth resistance testing (two-wire method without probes, three / four wire method with two probes, method with current clamp and two probes, method with two current clamps) • Specific earth resistance • Phase sequence, voltage and frequency Continue reading →
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