1. Minister Unveils New Part P Register

    Last week at an event in the Houses of Parliament, the Minister for Communities and Local Government, Stephen Williams MP, officially unveiled the new mark and register for all domestic Part P registered electrical installers. The new website and logo was developed by all Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) authorised electrical Competent Person Scheme Operators in a bid to create a single point of reference for consumers seeking a registered electrical contractor. Continue reading →
  2. Electrical Safety Council rebrands as Electrical Safety First with David Walliams

    The Electrical Safety Council has rebranded as Electrical Safety First and in a blaze of publicity, comedian David Walliams is to voice new Charley Says films. Through a series of new adventures and near misses Charley the cat and his hapless young owner will teach the need for electrical safety in the home by highlighting what not to do. Continue reading →
  3. SWIGA recognises NAPIT for Solid Wall Insulation

    With a hat-trick of announcements from NAPIT, the Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency (SWIGA) has now recognised the competence body for its quality and surveillance framework. Continue reading →
  4. Minister for Communities Visits NAPIT Bristol Training Centre

    Minister for Communities and local Bristol West MP Stephen Williams visited the NAPIT Training Centre in Bristol in January 2014 to gain an insight into the life of an electrician and the training that aspiring electricians and sustainable technology installers need to get qualified. Continue reading →
  5. NAPIT and Certsure agree on Unified Register of UK Electricians

    Almost a year ago, we referred in this blog to the confusion created in the industry by having two separate registers for electricians. NAPIT and Certsure, which operates the ELESCA and NICEIC brands, have now agreed to create one easily identifiable mark for all full scope Part P registered electricians that is easily recognisable by consumers and supported by a single register. Continue reading →
  6. NAPIT Announces Date for 2013 NAPIT Expo

    NAPIT (The National Association for Professional Inspectors and Testers) have announced the official starting date for this year’s NAPIT Expo. Continue reading →
  7. Register Sparks Controversy Between NAPIT, ESC and ECA

    It seems a war of words may be brewing between several electrical bodies over the new Electrical Safety Register. Continue reading →
  8. Electrical Fire Casualties Are On the Rise

    NAPIT is warning the general public about the dangers of electricity once again today, as alarming new figures show massive amounts of fires are caused by electrical goods and wiring installations. Continue reading →
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