1. Fluke’s Under Pressure Promotion Extended – Get a Free Fluke Pressure Module!

    Fluke’s popular Under Pressure promotion has been extended until December 1st 2022! Buy an eligible Fluke 754/753/729 Process Calibrator or Process Calibrator Bundle before the 1st December 2022 and you’ll receive a free pressure module of your choice, offering a potential saving of up to £2250!* To take advantage of this fantastic offer please contact our pressure specialist Lewis Wilson on 01642 631 661 to place an order and discuss your choice of free pressure module. Continue reading →
  2. Do you account for gravity when using a Deadweight Tester or Piston Gauge?

    Gravity varies depending on where you are around the world, up to approximately 0.5%. Local gravity correction is typically the largest environmental influence acting on the deadweight tester. When you are carrying out calibrations in your laboratory or on-site the local acceleration of gravity, where the pressure calibrator is being used, needs to be accounted for to ensure calibration accuracy...
  3. Mark-10: Food & Beverage Package Testing

    Image of three lid-less glass bottles above a white box containing Mark-10's logo and the words 'we are proud stockists of Mark-10'. The text on top of the glass bottles reads 'Food & Beverage Testing Applications: Food & Beverage Package Testing' Ensuring that food and drinks packaging/containers provide sufficient seal to preserve freshness while remaining easy to open is crucial to maintaining food safety and reducing waste. Mark-10 has developed an eclectic catalogue of products, including force gauges, torque testers, and test stands, specifically designed to assess the durability and accessibility of packaging. These instruments can be used to measure, amongst other things, the force required to open packets of crisps, the torque necessary to remove threaded bottle caps, and the pressure stacked cartons can withstand. Continue reading →
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