Wiring Regulations

  1. Chauvin Arnoux Explain Energy Efficiency & the IET Wiring Regulations

    On the left side of image white text on a black background reads "Chauvin Arnoux Explain Energy Efficiency & the IET Wiring Regulations". On the right side of the image a Chauvin Arnoux PEL104 is monitoring an electrical installation. Julian Grant of Chauvin Arnoux published an article in the January 2022 issue of Professional Electrician & Installer explaining an emerging focus of the 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations: energy efficiency. As energy prices rise and we continue to work towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, ensuring electrical installations are energy efficient is more important than ever.[1] Continue reading →
  2. Earth, Bonding and Wiring Regulations Webinar Taking Place On July 25th

    Got some free time on July 25th and want to learn more about the extended wiring regulations for earth and bonding? Continue reading →
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