World Plumbing Day

  1. International Women’s Day: Lillian Baumbach, the USA's First Female Master Plumber

    To the left of the image white text on a black background reads 'Lillian Ann Baumbach The First Female Master Plumber'. Beneath this in smaller white text it reads 'International Women's Day and World Plumbing Day'. To the right of the image is a photo of Lillian Ann Baumbach in overalls with a heavy wrench slung over her shoulder. She stands in front of a Baumbach truck and looks over her shoulder with the wrench resting on it towards the camera. To mark International Women’s Day (8th March) and World Plumbing Day (11th March), we’re celebrating a woman who chose to #BreakTheBias in the plumbing industry. Allow us to introduce Lillian Ann Baumbach, the USA’s first female Master Plumber. Continue reading →
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