The FLIR Screen-EST™ Skin-Temperature-Screening Software is a newly developed, plug-and-play, turnkey solution specifically designed to detect elevated skin temperature which can be indicative of a fever, a common symptom of many illnesses including COVID-19.[1] This desktop software is easy to use and set up; it is compatible with FLIR’s A400, A700 Exx-, T5xx- and T8xx-series Thermal Cameras.

The FLIR Screen-EST™ Skin-Temperature-Screening Software is ideal for implementation in ports of entry, checkpoints and building entrances. It can be used alongside social distancing and hygiene precautions to help prevent the spread of infection in high-traffic environments and offers a way for offices, schools, restaurants, pubs, and leisure and tourist attractions to reopen safely.

FLIR Screen-EST™ Skin-Temperature-Screening Software
FLIR Screen-EST™ Skin-Temperature-Screening Software

Optimised to provide consistent, accurate and fast non-contact skin-temperature measurements, the FLIR Screen-EST™ Skin-Temperature-Screening Software automatically activates each time a subject (the person being screened) approaches the screening spot. It measures the hottest point on the individual’s face and compares this reading to the rolling average plus the tolerance value, e.g. 36°C + 1°C. If the subject's skin-temperature is within the acceptable range a green tick will be displayed on the monitor visible to him/her. Alternatively, if his/her skin temperature exceeds the accepted range an alarm is triggered to alert screening staff and a red cross is displayed on the subject-facing monitor.

The FLIR Screen-EST™ Skin-Temperature-Screening Software automatically updates the rolling average to account for skin-temperature changes and fluctuating ambient conditions that occur naturally throughout the day. Using the rolling average as a reference point ensures that the FLIR Screen-EST™ Skin-Temperature-Screening Software will issue accurate and reliable temperature alerts.

How to use FLIR's Screen-EST™ Skin-Temperature-Screening Software

The video and steps below provide a brief overview of how to use the FLIR Screen-EST™ Skin-Temperature-Screening Software.

  1. Have subjects remove glasses, hats and face masks
  2. Subjects approach the screening spot one at a time
  3. Subjects should stand still for 1-2 seconds during the screening process
  4. If a green tick is displayed, the subject can leave the screening area
  5. If a temperature alarm is triggered, the subject’s body temperature MUST be verified using a thermometer

The FLIR Screen-EST™ Skin-Temperature-Screening Software is NOT a diagnostic tool; it cannot be used to identify illnesses such as coronavirus. Individuals that trigger the alarm MUST have their body temperature checked using a thermometer optimised for this purpose.

Moreover, the FLIR Screen-EST™ Skin-Temperature-Screening Software cannot be relied upon to detect all carriers of COVID-19 (or other illnesses), especially asymptomatic persons. Therefore, it should not be used in place of other social distancing and hygiene measures, such as face masks and hand sanitiser stations.

Nevertheless, when used with a tripod, computer and compatible FLIR thermal camera, the FLIR Screen-EST™ Skin-Temperature-Screening Software is a simple, reliable and safe preliminary precaution that can be used to identify individuals who may need to undergo further medical checks.

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[1] NHS, Check if you or your child has coronavirus symptoms, last accessed 06 July 2020 <>