Measuring distances just got better.

The new models - the Fluke 414D, 419D and 424D - will replace the current 411D, 416D and 421D devices which will be officially discontinued as of October 8th 2012.

Laser distance meters are traditionally used as a more accurate form of measurement than devices such as tape measures, and the new Fluke range expands further on the capabilities of the distance meter by incorporating new technology.

The models gradually ramp up in ability as you go through them. For example, the 414D has a much shorter measurement range than the 424D, which can accurately measure up to 100m and contains tilt sensor, corner angle features, compass and more. In comparison the 414D can measure up to 50m, and retails for a cheaper price.

As Fluke themselves put it:

“Now all types of users can reach beyond the limitations of the common tape measure to measure farther, with greater accuracy in more situations.  And they can perform those measurements with the Fluke accuracy, durability and reliability that professionals trust. The new Fluke family of laser distance meters offers features and functions that are equal to or better than competitive laser meters at very competitive prices.”

The new laser distance meters are perfect for multiple installations, including:

  • Ceiling tile layout
  • Vent and duct installation
  • Wire layout
  • Working distance from electrical lines
  • Electrical panel clearance
  • Other industrial, building and professional services.

You can still buy the Fluke 411D, 416D and 421D until they’re discontinued in October.