Every little girl deserves a chance at a life, and by donating just a small amount to the Ruby's Gift campaign you could help a little girl's fight against cancer.

Ruby Hodgson from Redcar is only three years old, but has been battling cancer ever since she was born. She was diagnosed early in her life with a large brain tumour that was promptly removed, but her cancer has returned and she now has to travel to America for specialist treatment.

To help Ruby her family have launched Ruby's Gift, a campaign that hopes to raise enough money to send Ruby to America and get the treatment she needs.

It's a campaign that really touched our heartstrings here at PASS. As a result of this we're happy to announce that we're going to be supporting Ruby's Gift for the coming months, and we're going to start by donating £1000 directly to the cause.

We're also going to be running our own fundraising here on Tester.co.uk and will donate £2 for every order placed. Each month we’ll donate the proceeds directly to Ruby's Gift.

We'd also encourage you to consider a donation for the cause by adding our Ruby's Gift product as well. All of the money you donate will go towards Ruby's Gift. All donations start off as standard at £1, but you can donate however much you like by increasing the quantity. So if you wanted to donate a fiver, simply buy five of the Ruby's Gift product.

Any donations are greatly appreciated.

We wish Ruby all the good luck in the world from all at PASS.


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