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CalCard Calibration Checkbox


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Shaped just like a standard credit card, the CalCard is a quick method of checking the on-going accuracy of electrical test equipment.

This checkbox is durable enough to be used wherever you need it. It includes a number of recessed sunken pads which enables testing to take place without removing probe tips from instrument probes.

The CalCard tests five insulation resistance values: 0.5M, 1M, 2M, 10M and 20MΩ.  It can also be used to measure five resistance values for continuity testing at 0.25Ω, 0.5Ω, 1Ω, 2Ω and 5Ω.

The CalCard is capable of easily fitting inside a wallet, carrying case or can even be attached to a key ring for easy storage.

CalCard Calibration Checkbox Key Features

  • Portable, credit-card-sized shape
  • Easily check the accuracy of insulation and continuity resistance testers
  • Recessed contact plates allow use without removing probe tips from instrument probes
  • Five insulation test ranges (tested to 1500V): 0.5M, 1M, 2M, 10M and 20MΩ
  • Five continuity test ranges: 0.25Ω, 0.5Ω, 1Ω, 2Ω and 5Ω

Please note that this card is NOT suitable for RCDs or Zs test s. 

What's Included? 

  • Calcard Calibration Checkbox
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