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CATU CM-4420 Terminal Element Pole - 2.115m (Choice of Fitting)

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The second-longest of CATU's range of terminal insulated poles, this product is made to directly integrate into a CATU intermediate or primary pole (sold separately) to create a comprehensive, long-length insulated pole system.

By choosing between CATU's range of poles it is possible to configure the pole system to be various lengths and with a choice of end fittings. This terminal pole comes with a B, C, E, H, K, T or D type end fitting (different items which clip on the ends of the poles have different connectors - choose the right fitting for your needs).

This pole is compliant with IEC-61235.

CATU Pole Guide

  • Choose a primary element for your pole - this starts off the system and includes a protective hand guard
  • Either finish the system with a terminal pole, or attach an intermediate pole to create a longer middle section
  • Finish off the primary/intermediate combo with a terminal pole
  • Choose an end-fitting and attach an accessory such as a voltage detector with a similar connector

Recommended primary and intermediate poles for use with this terminal pole are listed to the left in the 'You Might Also Be Interested In' box.

Part CodeCM-4420-B

Connection Type Guide

C K E S A / B
C Type Fitting K Type Fitting E Type Fitting S Type Fitting A / B Type Fitting
Hexagonal Universal Bayonet



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