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CCTV & Drones

  • Check out our range of LOREX CCTV security cameras, designed to help you protect your home or business.
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  • We stock an extensive range of DJI drones, lenses and accessories, including thermal camera lens options by FLIR.
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This eclectic range of CCTV cameras from leading manufacturers such as FLIR and LOREX can be used to protect and monitor business and homes.

Models range from simple video cable CCTV kits to sophisticated wireless CCTV and Ethernet CCTV kits which are capable of quick, clear video streaming either wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable.  

As CCTV technology improves the range of cameras available also expands, with many now offering infrared night vision and/or thermal imaging.


Intelligent, sophisticated instruments optimised for a variety of applications; this eclectic selection of drones includes models suitable for professionals and hobbyists. This range includes models developed by leading manufacturers such as DJI.

DJI models range from recreational drones to professional ones, however, all of DJI’s drones include intelligent flight and GPS technology. These drones can be programmed to ensure that they will return ‘home’ at the touch of a button and will alert the user to possible security risks.

Moreover, these models include sophisticated cameras and gimbals thereby ensuring the user is able to capture clear, steady images and footage. Captured photos and videos may be streamed or saved to the user’s compatible iOS or Android device, or can be saved to the drone's memory card.

A range of lens and accessories, such as propellers, are also available ensuring the user is able to maintain and/or tailor the drone to his/her needs.