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Chauvin Arnoux AmpFlex AC 05200/2000A 450mm (2V AC)[L]

Chauvin Arnoux AmpFlex AC 05200/2000A 450mm (2V AC)[L]
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  • Lack of saturation effect prevents overheating
  • Clamp numerous cables at the same time
  • Compatible for a range of electric testing equipment

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Chauvin Arnoux AmpFlex AC 05200/2000A 450mm (2V AC)[L] Details

The Chauvin Arnoux AmpFlex AC 05200/2000A 450mm (2V AC)[L] includes a flexible sensor designed to be connected directly to your multimeter and measure AC currents up to 10kA. It can measure single or multiple ranges in one cable or several cables at once, for sophisticated testing that explores all possibilities. 

Like a clamp on meter, the flexible sensor is easy to transport along with your other electric testing equipment. The sensor is available in a range of sizes, from 45 centimetres to 1.20 metres. It can be wound up and stored compactly in a toolkit, bag or car glove compartment. The sensor won’t weight you down either – as it doesn’t require the use of a magnetic circuit, it is impressively lightweight. 

As well as being used to measure currents, the Chauvin Arnoux AmpFlex AC 05200/2000A 450mm (2V AC)[L] is a multifunctional device that can also work alongside a wattmeter. This is due to its constantly low dephasing, which retains the sensitivity necessary to measure voltages with accuracy. 

The broad bandwidth of the flexible sensor makes it ideal for the professional who needs to perform electric tests on the job; it can measure very high industrial frequencies that many sensors would not be able to handle. What’s more, this bandwidth also makes the device suitable for harmonic detection. Potential current faults can be flagged by the sensor if a current is faced with external interference.

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Part Code: P01120504
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