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Chauvin Arnoux CA403 Zero Galvanometer

Chauvin Arnoux CA403 Zero Galvanometer
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  • Fantastic device to use when training
  • Simple to use with single switch dial
  • Safety sockets and dual insulation for extra precaution

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Chauvin Arnoux CA403 Zero Galvanometer Details

The Chauvin Arnoux CA403 Zero Galvanometer is an analogue galvanometer that is perfect for training scenarios and laboratory testing. It has been designed to provide accurate and reliable readings whilst providing maximum safety and portability.

The CA403 uses two direct current calibres for 30µA and 3mA as well as a single 100mV direct current calibre specifically for shunts. In terms of accuracy, the Chauvin Arnoux CA403 Zero Galvanometer operates at a level of 1.5%

Chauvin Arnoux pay particular attention to the safety measures that need to be in place when they design their equipment. With the Chauvin Arnoux CA403 Zero Galvanometer they have produced a device that is perfectly safe for training purposes thanks to the safety sockets and dual insulation design. The safety sockets provide maximum precautionary measures when connecting and disconnecting the device and the dual insulation casing means holding the device is safer than ever before.

The display on the Chauvin Arnoux CA403 Zero Galvanometer uses a central zero on the screen display to give users a perfect understand of the values they are measuring. The analogue display on board the Chauvin Arnoux CA403 Zero Galvanometer uses two black scales that measure two separate ranges. The first gauges measurements from 0 to 30 and the other 0 to 100.

This galvanometer is also superbly ergonomic and easy-to-use. The single switch interface is simple to operate and comes clearly labelled so trainees know exactly what they are doing. The compact and portable design means the Chauvin Arnoux CA403 Zero Galvanometer can come with you wherever training is necessary. When you are not using the CA403 it can be stored away simply and securely whilst taking up minimal storage space. 

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