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Chauvin Arnoux GreenTest FTV100 Photovoltaic Analyser


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A comprehensive solution for measuring and documenting physical and electrical parameters associated with solar PV installations, the Chauvin Arnoux FTV100 is an extremely useful tool in multiple solar installation applications.

Coming encased in its own protective carrying case, the Chauvin Arnoux is protected at all times from damage and is easy to port around from test to test thanks to the briefcase-shaped casing. The inside of the unit contains an easy-to-use interface, multiple connectors for use during PV installation and a large LCD screen that relays testing information.

The unit can be used to carry out electrical power surveys, calculation of solar panel efficiency and calculations of inverter efficiency. It also measures multiple parameters, including ambient temperature, solar irradiance, DC and AC voltage and AC and DC current.  It also includes built in memory which can be used to store test data after a test is carried out.

Chauvin Arnoux GreenTest FTV100 Piranometer Key Features

  • Electrical power surveys
  • Solar panel efficiency calculations
  • DC/AC inverter calculations
  • Comes encased in its own protective carry case
  • Large size LCD screen built into the unit
  • 3 DC current inputs
  • USB/RS232 communiucation ports
  • 2 PT100 inputs and 1 pyranometer input
  • PAC clamp for DC current measurements
  • 3 DC voltage inputs
  • MN clamp for AC current measurements

Full List of Products Included

  • Chauvin Arnoux GreenTest FTV100 Piranometer
  • IP67 Rated Protective Casing
  • 1 x Pyranometer
  • 1 x PT100 Probe for Ambient Temperature Measurements
  • 1 x PT100 Probe for Panel Temperature Measurements
  • 3 x AC Current Clamps with 3m Cable
  • 1 x DC Current Clamp
  • 4 x 3m Test Leads with Probes
  • 1 x Rechargeable Battery with Mains Adapter
  • Data Processing Software
  • 1 x Carrying Bag
  • 1 x Certificate of Conformity
  • 1 SIT Calibration Certificate for Pyranometer
Part CodeP01160700

Chauvin Arnoux FTV100 Technical Specifications

  Functions Range Accuracy
Pyranometer Solar Irradiance Measurements 0 to 2000W/M=m² ± 2 %
Ambient Temperature PT100 Probe for Measurements -30 to +80 °C ± 1 % ± 1 °C
Temperature Solar Panel Temperature Measurements -30 to +120 °C ± 1 % ± 1 °C
DC Voltage 1 to 3 Inputs 1,000 VDC ± 1 %
DC Current 1 to 3 Inputs 1,400 ADC ± 1 %
AC Voltage 1 to 3 Inputs 600 VAC ± 1 %
AC Current 1 to 3 Inputs 3,000 AAC ± 1 %
AC/DC Power 20,000 WDC / 1,200 WAC <2%
Calculation Functions Ef‡ficiency of solar panels with compensation of the modules’ temperature coef‡ficent
Efficiency of DC/AC conversion by the inverter
Data Recorder Up to 10 instrument configurations can be prerecorded in the memory
Communication RS232 (to remote unit) + USB (to PC)
Internal Power Supply Built-in Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery (4.5Ah)/ Battery Life 8H
External Power Supply Via 220VAC - 50Hz External Power Supply
Protection IP67 Closed/ IP54 Open
Electrical Safety IEC 61010-1 - 600V CAT IV - 1000V CAT III
Dimensions/Weight 360 x 304 x 194mm/ 3kg (with battery)
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